Hi! I’m Christina. I’m from DC and now live in Lancaster, PA. I am a SAHM to the two most adorable babies ever. Okay, I might be biased. But they are even adorable when fighting over my lap or throwing tantrums, and that has to count for something! Violet Winter is 3.5 and Piper Willow is 1.5.



Before babies overtook my life, I used to blog at C+C Marriage Factory mainly about our DC home renovations and recipes. I was a self-proclaimed lazy POS and hated exercise. You want to get sweaty? Ew. Let’s just have pizza and wine instead. WAY more fun. Add in two pregnancies of eating whatever I wanted and I had a big problem. Disgusted with myself, I decided I needed a change. I started a new lifestyle of clean eating and daily workouts at home (bonus: no one to witness my first few months of flopping and panting through burpees and surrenders). Something crazy happened … I lost 30 lbs and, in the process, I found myself again. I found fulfillment outside of being a mom. I now love to exercise (most days), it’s my ME time and I love the way being healthy makes me feel. I still splurge on pizza and wine every now and again… I am only human… but a lot less often!

You will still find posts from my old blog here but I wanted a new fresh face for my new healthy and fit lifestyle. So, C+C Marriage Factory (I never really liked that name, anyway) became Burn This Mama Down.

These days I spend my days wrangling my two girls, two dogs, two cats, and a flock of chickens. I became a Beachbody coach to help other mamas find their fittest, healthiest, and BEST selves. I always try to find time for my daily at-home workouts to keep me happy, healthy, and sane!