Hi! This is Christina Frey from Burn This Mama Down!

I am super excited for my Cize Challenge Group to start on 8/31!

Cize Challenge Group


What the heck is a Challenge Group?

Basically, it is a private Facebook health and fitness group. Everyone in the group is committed to a Beachbody health and fitness program (in this case, Cize) and a Shakeology shake a day (a nutrient-dense, superfood, nutritional shake that tastes like a milkshake and acts like a salad).

Every day in the group I will post something health and fitness related. Usually tips and tricks and motivation to keep you reaching towards your goals. Challengers are expected to check in daily by posting after they complete their workouts and talking about how well they stuck to the nutrition plan. We also share recipes, meal plans, Shakeology recipes, and tips and tricks that we find along the way to help each other stick to the program! There are also prizes and a chance to win money through Beachbody by completing a program!

Although Beachbody’s programs are AMAZING, a HUGE part of success is having other challengers to be accountable to, having the support of a coach, and feeling like you are part of a team.


A little about my experience…

I started with Beachbody programs and Shakeology in 2014. I was 3 months postpartum with my second baby and was overweight, feeling depressed, and out of control. Prior to having kids, I was never really into health and fitness but always struggled with body image and tried numerous different ways to lose weight, none of which stuck. I joined a challenge group, committed to the program and got the daily support that helped me succeed.

I started to see amazing results, not just in my weight, but in my whole self. I became healthier and happier. Making time for those 30 minute workouts as a busy stay-at-home-mom was tough, but when I did take that little me-time I started to feel SO.MUCH.BETTER.

I decided to become a coach to help others on their own journey to their happiest and healthiest selves!

Before and After


What is Cize?

Cize is a dance-based exercise program that ANYONE can do! The moves are broken down step-by-step so it is easy to follow along, the music is AWESOME and you will be having so much FUN that you won’t even realize you are getting a serious workout!

When combined with the nutritional plan from the 21 Day Fix, you will get SERIOUS results! The eating plan is simple with color-coded, portion-controlled containers to teach you how much of each healthy food group you should be eating. In our challenge group we share meal plans, fix-approved recipes, and talk about how to plan and prep for SUCCESS. This, in combination with your daily exercise, gives AMAZING results!



Are you ready for the challenge?

Get ready to change your life!!! The next step, if you have not done so already, is to send me a friend request on Facebook: www.facebook.com/christinafrey0830 then send me a message that you are ready to get started and I will get you all the info you need to order. I will then add you to our private Facebook Challenge Group and you will be all set to get started!


Interested but not the right time?

No problem! Shoot me a message that you are interested in future challenge groups. Follow me on Facebook to see when I post about upcoming groups: www.facebook.com/burnthismamadown OR make me your FREE Team Beachbody coach!

Space is limited in order to insure one-on-one attention, so don’t wait!




Purchase your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack here and join my next online accountability group. Already have the 21 Day Fix but need help getting started? Make me your free coach and I will help you get started!